One of my colleges and I were discussing the dynamics of our team and  what changes we would like to see.  It was one of those fun  conversations where you know something needs to change but you’re not  quite sure so you’re left to pure brainstorming.  During our  conversation we started talking about “required reading” for our team  with the hopes of getting more out of our team.  The Pragmatic Programmer was one of the books that came up that I had not heard of.  If you’re a  programmer/developer and do not own this book stop now, click the link,  and order it.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.  Don’t let the © 2000 fool you, buy  the book!

The Pragmatic Programmer won’t teach you how to program in a  specific language or tell you the answers to all of a developer’s life  questions.  What it does do, very well I might add, is give you a advice  from their experiences that can help you become a better programmer.   If you’ve been programming for a while like myself or just getting into  it this book will help guide you along the way.